Reading Is Thinking – Visualizing

Now that we feel like we have mastered “Making Connections” we are learning to visualize. Good readers know how to “paint a picture” in their mind of what they are reading. It just helps us to better understand the text.

Into the book has a wonderful tool for us to use to help with Visualizing!  Give it a try! Make a Mind Movie!

We’ll be back soon, with some visualizing to share with you!

Reading – Good Readers Make Connections!

In literacy, we have been talking about strategies that good readers use when they are reading. Making connections is one way that we can gain a better understanding of what we’re reading. When we sit down to read, we are not only reading the words, but we are also thinking. Here are the ways that we are making connections when we’re reading!

  • Text-to-Self (T-S) refers to connections made between the text and the reader’s personal experience. 

  • Text-to-Text (T-T) refers to connections made between a text being read to a text that was previously read.

  • Text-to-World (T-W) refers to connections made between a text being read and something that occurs in the world.

    Take some time to visit our AUDIOBOO Channel and listen sot some of our connections that we wrote about after reading “When I’m Big” By Nila Aye

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